“The Crazy Things Real Estate Agents Say”


Every so often I will teach a class to agents on some aspect of building and growing their business. It never fails that as I teach the class someone makes a comment that sounds something like this…

“Mike, what your saying is great but honestly I don’t really want to have a business like yours. I don’t need a business (team) that’s as big as yours.”

growth- man watering plan

Here is the thought process behind that statement. This agent is saying they do not want to grow. Now I know if I were to ask that agent if they want to get smaller, they would say “NO”. So… that leaves only one option. This agent is operating under the assumption that they can build their business up to a certain point and just “maintain”. They don’t want to grow large. They don’t want to get smaller. They want to achieve a certain level of success and just maintain it. This may even seem like a noble goal in their mind. This thought process almost sounds more “godly” in that it can seem like a form of “contentment”.

Now here is the problem….We serve a God of growth! If we look at His creation we can see that it is expanding. He said in the garden…”Be fruitful and multiply”. Scientists know that even the universe itself is expanding at this very moment. Doesn’t He chastise the servant who buried the talents and reward the one who multiplied them? (Mathew 25:14-30). Even the muscles in our body are in a constant state of hypertrophy( getting larger/stronger) or atrophy ( getting smaller/ weaker). Gods character is one of growth. He is an infinite God that causes everything He touches to grow and expand and become stronger and more fruitful. That is our God. And we are called to strive to become more like Him!

Maintenance is simply not an option!! You may be able to “maintain” for a period of time but it won’t last for the long haul. I see three potential outcomes of this thinking….



BURNOUT: I believe this agent is at high risk for simply getting bored and burnt out in their business. We all need change! Pursuing the next level of growth is what makes the business fun and exciting.

TAKEN-OUT: I believe this agent is at high risk for being taken out by the competition. Your competitors are committed to growing and getting stronger. You will eventually lose out to your competition if you are not continually committed to growth.

LOSE OUT: The servant who was committed to growth was rewarded by the master. I sincerely believe this parable applies not only to eternity but also to our lives here on earth. Those of us who are committed to growth are considered “faithful” by the King.   THE FAITHFUL WILL BE REWARDED! The real estate agent who is committed to growth will be entrusted with more. That is what the parable says! Those who make a choice not to grow and increase what they have been given will lose rewards and possibly even risk losing what they already possess.

You must commit to growth today. No matter where that growth takes you. No matter how big that commitment to growth causes you to get. I never sat out to build a company the size of the one I have today. I just stayed committed to the principle of growth and always taking the next step in that progression. I believe we are always in a state of getting stronger or weaker. If those are our only two options….We might as well commit to getting stronger!


WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS SUBJECT?  I would love for you to comment and tell me what you think!!




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