Dealing with the tension between work and family! An open letter

The tension between our duties to our family and the requirements to build and grow a successful business are something we continually grapple with as believers in Christ. I don’t believe we will ever figure out a way to eliminate these tensions. I actually believe they are healthy. They force us to listen to the voice of God in our lives on a daily basis. With that in mind, I wanted to share this “cut and paste” from an email that was sent to me recently by an agent within my company. I hope that it will encourage you and give you strength as you wrestle with this tension in your own life and business.


Agents email to me:


I might have lost a cash buyer yesterday and was wanting your opinion. We were scheduled to go look Saturday but his plans changed so I told him I could go until noon on Sunday. The reason why is my son has been following me around and asking me to stay home a lot. If you heard the things he said, it would break your heart. 


He was just really wanting to spend some time with me so, I promised him I would be home by 12 on Sunday to spend the rest of the day with him. I did not tell my clients this but told them I already had appointments set up but we can get together again first thing Monday morning. 


I text him later on Sunday to be sure to let me know what properties so, I can schedule them in the morning. I received a text saying the spoke with another agent and put in an offer on a FSBO with that other agent. He said it it does not go through they will contact me later today.


 It really upsets me and Im kinda mad at myself. Not sure if I did a right or a wrong. My wife even noticed what our son was doing and was telling me that they miss me when I work all the time. 


I was just wanting to see what your thoughts were. 


My Response:


I believe that we serve a God of “boundaries”.  Throughout His word we see that God continually establishes boundaries for His people.  I believe many of these boundaries are His way of seeing where our faith is.  Do we believe that we are our provider?  Or do we believe that He is our provider?  This is at the heart of His command for us to “rest” on the Sabbath.  While I don’t believe necessarily that the Sabbath must be observed on a particular day of the week….I DO believe that we are commanded to set boundaries with our work and take Sabbath rest at times. I believe we serve a God who is looking down from heaven and watching to see which of His servants are faithful and loyal to obey His commands and know who their provider is.  He watches to see which of His servants have prioritized their life correctly and understand what is important to His heart!  Those servants will be entrusted with much!  The closing that you “lose” will be replaced with 10 more because you have a Father and King who generously provides to those that trust in Him and seek to walk in His ways.  You made the right choice brother! 

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