Hey “Jack”–you need to get FOCUSED!–Here is how!

Today I will share with you one of the key strategies that allowed me to be able to sell 50 homes my first full year in the business and has also been a key contributing factor to my continued growth today. I was reminded of this strategy recently as I sat down with an agent I was interviewing. One of the common questions I ask during the interview process is “where are you getting your business from?” In other words…what sources of business are you pursuing? This particular agent I was interviewing was selling about 10-12 homes per year and she gave me what I would consider to be a very typical response….

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Comparison Shopping– and how it impacts your real estate business!

My goal today is to help you better understand how a buying principle that you have all heard of can have an impact on your ability to teach your clients the fundamentals of pricing, take better priced listings, and secure price reductions!  I have found that having a solid understanding of how buyers make decisions to purchase has had a dramatic impact on my ability to sell more homes.

The principle I am going to be talking about today is comparison shopping. The comparison shopping buyer has a certain amount of money they want to spend and they are comparing products or services to see where they will find the most value for that money. There are two fundamental ways we can create value and give the buyer a reason to purchase…

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How to generate more revenue per client!

I wanted to give you something this week that will generate immediate revenue into your business with zero out of pocket costs (less than a hundred bucks in the example I will use). You won’t need to generate any more leads and you will make more money with the clients you already have! I think sometimes we get so focused on generating more clients that we totally lose focus on the other side of the equation: how we can generate more revenue per existing client.

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