The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Here is a short post from my other blog site on “opportunity”. I think it will help you all in adapting a better perspective the next time an opportunity comes around. Enjoy…



Most men would agree that great opportunities are a rare thing. They have the perception that when opportunity knocks we had better answer. We had better respond. We better be ready. They believe it could be “the opportunity of a lifetime”. And while I do believe there is value in a continual preparing of our hearts and minds and life so that we can be better prepared to take advantages of opportunities, I would like to present to you what I have learned about opportunities.

“The #1 Principle that Revolutionized my Business”

Today I am going to share with you what I believe has been the single most influential and powerful business principle that I have relied upon during the last 10+ years of being in business. I think about this one principle nearly every day. It has become a filter to help me focus on what is truly significant, not only in business but also personally. It was undoubtedly one of the most important contributing factors that enabled me to sell 50 homes during my first full year in the business. In 2007 it helped me break through a plateau of approximately 50 homes sold, to over 120 transactions in one year.   It has also been a key factor in my continued ability to be able to set boundaries within my business and take God-honoring rest time with my family. I knew I needed to write about this powerful principle early on because it will be something I will continually refer back to as I add more content to this blog. So, here it is….

“Don’t Touch that Manna”

Real estate is a 24/7 business, right? This is what the instructor taught at a recent continuing education course I attended. “You had better have your phone on you at all times and be ready to set that next appointment. When that offer comes in at 8:30 PM, you had better be ready to negotiate. When that client is only available to meet on Sunday or they have told you they will find another agent…you had better be available! This is what successful agents do!” Isn’t this what you’ve been told? Working evenings and weekends is just part of the job description.