An Open Letter to my Children….

Every now and then I share a post on this site from my personal blog because it has very important business applications.  This is one of those times….


My father passed away unexpectedly in 2008. He was not a wealthy man and as a result, the possessions he left behind didn’t consist of much. I inherited a small life insurance policy (which barely covered his burial expenses), a coin collection, and a few other small items around his house that I decided to keep as reminders of him. However, none of those things meant more to me than the words he wrote on the back of his life insurance policy file. It was only a short paragraph that he wrote to my sister and me, but it meant so much more because at that moment I was never able to speak to my father again. I would never hear his voice again. But those words gave me the ability to hear his voice one last time. They essentially became the last words my father ever spoke to me.   Read More Here

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Do you experience conflict with your spouse regarding the delicate balance between the amount of time spent working and the amount of time spent with the family? Do you feel like you and your spouse just aren’t “on the same page” when it comes to how much time you are spending at work and the commitment required to run a successful business? I’m going to share with you three simple steps Tiffany and I took at the beginning of my real estate career that had huge impacts on our relationship and our unity at home.

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One Simple Belief about Money Could be Keeping You from Success!

Every year there is a list published by Forbes Magazine of the 400 wealthiest Americans—“The FORBES 400”. Consider this astounding fact for a second. The Jews represent less than 3% of the U.S population. HOWEVER, each year they are estimated to make up between 20-50% of the people featured on the Forbes 400. WOW!! Did you read that?   Their should only be  5- 10 Jews on that list but somehow there are 80-100+ consistently.  How have the Jews accomplished this? What is it that the Jews know about making money and building wealth that you and I don’t?   That’s what I would like to discuss today.

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“The Crazy Things Real Estate Agents Say”


Every so often I will teach a class to agents on some aspect of building and growing their business. It never fails that as I teach the class someone makes a comment that sounds something like this…

“Mike, what your saying is great but honestly I don’t really want to have a business like yours. I don’t need a business (team) that’s as big as yours.”

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