What will this blog be about?
The purpose of this blog is to help Real Estate Agents and business owners build thriving businesses by providing practical counsel that is founded upon Gods word . I believe there will be many posts that will deal only with business, leadership, goal setting, time management, etc… There will be other posts that may deal specifically about something God is showing me about what it means to walk with Him on this earth. But I am hoping that some of the best posts will be the ones that bring those two areas together and put God at the center of the business!!
What do I believe?
I believe in God as the Bible defines Him, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I believe Christ is King and will reign forever!! I believe salvation is through grace by faith and found only in the sacrifice of Christ as atonement for our sins.
Why am I writing this blog?
I believe that at the beginning of any endeavor it is important to define what the exact purpose or goals are that one is setting out to achieve in that particular pursuit. So here are some of my reasons for beginning this blog.…( in no particular order)
• I believe there is a need in business, and especially within my fellow real estate agent community, to be able to make the “connection” between our walk with God and our work that he has assigned us to do. I hope to be able to do this on some level. I hope that this blog will help others learn what it means to pursue and walk with God while running a successful business at the same time.
• To inspire, teach, and encourage others
• To win souls to Christ
• To be an instrument of change within my industry
• To advance the Kingdom of God by adding value to his people
• To be encouraged, inspired, and more educated myself through the act of writing the posts and also through the dialogue and contributions of the readers
What do I not want to do on this blog?

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2 thoughts on “ABOUT THIS BLOG

    • Thanks Cyndy!! You can do it and be successful if you use His principles and seek His wisdom!! Stay tuned for more great content that will help you build your business if you decide to get going in real estate!!