An Open Letter to my Children….

Every now and then I share a post on this site from my personal blog because it has very important business applications.  This is one of those times….


My father passed away unexpectedly in 2008. He was not a wealthy man and as a result, the possessions he left behind didn’t consist of much. I inherited a small life insurance policy (which barely covered his burial expenses), a coin collection, and a few other small items around his house that I decided to keep as reminders of him. However, none of those things meant more to me than the words he wrote on the back of his life insurance policy file. It was only a short paragraph that he wrote to my sister and me, but it meant so much more because at that moment I was never able to speak to my father again. I would never hear his voice again. But those words gave me the ability to hear his voice one last time. They essentially became the last words my father ever spoke to me.   Read More Here

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Dealing with the tension between work and family! An open letter

The tension between our duties to our family and the requirements to build and grow a successful business are something we continually grapple with as believers in Christ. I don’t believe we will ever figure out a way to eliminate these tensions. I actually believe they are healthy. They force us to listen to the voice of God in our lives on a daily basis. With that in mind, I wanted to share this “cut and paste” from an email that was sent to me recently by an agent within my company. I hope that it will encourage you and give you strength as you wrestle with this tension in your own life and business.